Sunday 10 Aug 2014

Arborescent 04 flyer

Venue: BEACONS FESTIVAL, Funkirk Estate, Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK.

Scores by:

Andy Abbott: Untitled

Andy Abbott is a musician, artist, and writer living and working in Yorkshire. In 2012 Andy was awarded his PhD from the University of Leeds with a thesis on 'art, self-organised cultural activity and the production of postcapitalist subjectivity'. His research interests are in Do-It-Yourself culture, art as social practice, political philosophy, autonomist Marxist and post-anarchist theory. 
He is a member of the artist collective Black Dogs, makes music as That Fucking Tank, Nope and Elizabeth, and is the director of the arts and music festivals Bradford Threadfest and Recon. Since 2011 Andy has been Fellow in Music at the University of Bradford.  

Shanaz Gulzar: Perfectly Imperfect

Shanaz Gulzar is a digital and installation artist, working across disciplines to make innovative and challenging interventions. Her work explores interactions between new technologies, film, theatre, place and identity. She has a solo practise as well as a co-practise Adept, with Steve Manthorp.
She has a clear and distinct artistic voice with a vision for producing ambitious, contemporary art that is accessible to both non-arts and arts audiences.  Her practise is multi disciplinary and she is  fully committed to an engaged practise and demonstrates through her work that this need not imply any compromise to vision, complexity and quality of execution.


Bauman Lyons: Leeds, Leeds, Leeds

Bauman Lyons Architects are a Yorkshire based architecture office that were established in 1992. Their primary agenda is the making of good places through design, collaboration, innovation and research. The office has a strong focus on the local and believes a thorough understanding of place and people is necessary to inform great projects.
They have a varied portfolio of bespoke work of differing scales varying from sustainability research papers to urban design proposals with many types of client all of whom share a vision and passion for creating good sustainable places.


Performed by:

Giuliano Modarelli: guitar

Originally from Italy, Giuliano Modarelli is a virtuosic guitarist unique in his style. During his early musical training and throughout his research and experience, he has explored many different genres of music leading him to develop a unique, hybrid style which is now instantly recognisable in his sound. Giuliano is a guitarist of modern times.
Having studied Jazz at University, he went on to develop through the Indian Classical tradition and his unique and exceptionally innovative style is a subtle blend of Arabic, Flamenco, Latin and European Folk. His breadth of knowledge and soulful improvisation make for compelling listening and viewing.

Gurdain Rayatt Singh: tabla

One of the finest tabla players of his generation in the UK, Gurdain Rayatt has studied the tabla from his father Harkirat Singh, his grandfather Bhai Gurmit Singh Virdee and is a prominent disciple of Pandit Shankar Ghosh. Based in North London, he has performed at various prestigious festivals and venues inside and outside India and regularly delivers tabla classes in his area

Jason Singh: beatbox / vocal sculptor

Jason Singh is a UK based Vocal Sculptor and Beatboxer whose work is rooted in inspiring people to engage in exciting creative experiences through voice, technology, performance and participation.
Singh's passion lies in multi-disciplinary and cross art form collaborations and his vocal creations constantly find their way moving through music, live performance, sound art, dance, poetry, film, theatre, science, textiles, education and research.

Arborescent_04 was supported by Beacons Festival, with funding from Arts Council England and the National Lottery.